How do You Determine the Best Senior Housing Choice for Your Lifestyle

senior consulting pic

There are many things to consider when you are making the decision on what type of housing fits your senior lifestyle.  The decision process can seem daunting as you consider your current needs and what you may need in the future.  Finances are a big factor for seniors since in most cases they are on a fixed income.  You will have to match the functionality of your home with your health, energy level and mobility.  So with so much to consider, where do you start?

I recommend finding a Certified Senior Real Estate Specialist to help guide you through this process.  We are experienced in working with seniors and are experts on the housing options available in your area.  Just as a starting point, I would like to give you a very brief overview some senior housing choices.

One of the popular choices is aging in place.  This is when you look at your current housing and determine what you would need to change or modify as you age.  If it is a two story dwelling you may need a first floor bathroom, stair lift, safety features in the bathroom.  Once you make the list you must determine if the modification are financially feasible.  Another cost that may need to be considered with this option is in home care/assistance.

Newer 55+ communities may have homes that are designed for older homeowners, such as, safety features in the bathroom, wider hallways, lower counter tops, open floor plans.  The 55+ communities vary in housing type, services and features so researching communities in the area is necessary.

Independent living communities typically provide housing suitable for the senior resident along with many services such as dining, shuttle buses, activities and on site health professionals.  There usually is not home maintenance with this type of housing. Again the services, costs and benefits of these communities vary so you will need to research and compare communities in your area.

Assisted living may be the best options when health and mobility are an issue.  With 24 hour nursing staff this is a great choice for some.

I will expand on this in future blogs. Until then….If you have questions or would like me to work with you as a coach/consultant please contact me.

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