Downsizing: It’s Not Just for Moving

Most people think of Downsizing as Moving to a Smaller Home.  Anytime you move is a great time to think about downsizing.  But what about when you aren’t moving?  You still might want to consider downsizing.  Some may think of it as de-cluttering.  I like downsizing.  It sounds nicer.

The thought of de-cluttering or downsizing isn’t a pleasant one.  It’s makes me think… “This is going to be a lot of work”.  And it can be.  It’s hard to get motivated to tackle the task of downsizing.  Once it’s done though, it feels great!  It can give you a feeling of relief, lightness and pride.  And on a more spiritual side, you are making room for the new.  New life experiences, new opportunities, new loves and new stuff!  I like to look around when I’m done and truly appreciate the results.  It always looks sooooo nice!

There are some people who absolutely love to get rid of stuff.  They enjoy sorting through their things, disposing of items they no longer need, cleaning and organizing.  But these folks are not in the majority.  Most people look at this task with dread.  They procrastinate.  Many times the job never gets done.  So how do you get motivated to “Just Get It Done!”?  I say get help.  The right helper can even make it fun!

As part of my services for senior homeowners, I offer downsizing/de-cluttering assistance.  I come to your home and help you go through your stuff, pick out what you no longer need and organize what you do need.  We will pack up your unwanted items. We will decide whether to donate, recycle, sell or dispose of them. If you are moving and downsizing, I help decide what you will take to your new home and what has to go.

I had to downsize about a year ago.  What a task!  Moving from a large 3 bedroom home to a small one bedroom apartment was a huge downsizing effort. I find it much easier to tackle a large task when I have help.  First, it provides the motivation.  You can’t procrastinate when someone shows up ready to work!  And second, you have a voice of reason.  It’s hard to part with some things.  I know….I do it too!  I keep things “just in case I’ll need it later” or for sentimental reasons.  So….when you are downsizing, having someone there to help you decide if you really, really, really need that, is quite helpful.

I would love to hear your downsizing/de-cluttering stories.  Comment below or send me an e-mail:

Senior packing boxes2

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