Moving means packing and getting rid of Stuff!

For many people the thought of moving is horrifying.  It’s not because they don’t want to move to a better home.  It’s because they have to go through all of their stuff.  Packing and getting rid of what they don’t want to or can’t keep.  Such a daunting task.  It can paralyze many people.

I have been taking a course on clutter clearing in order to help my life coaching clients downsize or declutter their home.  I found there is an awesome connection between your mindset, clutter and your life in general.  This course has helped me learn how to coach clients through the process of letting go of their stuff!  And as they let go of their stuff, they are finding personal/life stuff is also being resolved.  It has also shown me their is a connection between a cluttered house and a cluttered or stuck personal life.  Gaining control over the clutter in your home is a great way to get control of your life.

I began to think about this connection between a cluttered house and how that “clutter energy “affects one’s mindset.  Putting this clutter energy in a real estate context, made me realize why staging a home works so well.  When a home is free of clutter it just feels better.  Buyers feel that happy light energy and they want to own that feeling.  That is why they are more likely to buy a home that is clutter free and visually appealing.

Now back to moving.  How does one get unstuck and motivated to get ready to move to a new home? Baby steps!  Start by cleaning out one drawer.  See how that one cleared drawer makes you feel.  If you want to continue pick a room.  Set a timer.  Alot 1 hour to clutter clearing.  Be sure to include the time it will take to put everything in it’s proper place.  If you still feel good about clutter clearing do another 1 hour clutter clearing in that room. Next thing you know the room will be complete!  Take it easy….take it slow.  But you may just get bitten by the clutter clear bug and there will be no stopping you.  Maybe you won’t even want to move anymore.

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