Can you transform your house into your dream home?

bricks and morter


I believe the bricks and mortar we call real estate, is transformed into our dream home as we decorate and bring our personal belongings and energy into the house. Our real estate than becomes the place we can relax, recharge and truly enjoy life with friends and family. It becomes Home.

Sometimes our home stops feeling like home.  It loses it’s shine. Or maybe it never really felt right. How do you feel in your home? Is it a place you enjoy hanging out? Does it fit your lifestyle? It is your sanctuary? Does it really feel like Home? If not, Why doesn’t it feel like Home? What went wrong?

If you feel your home needs some help, I highly recommend going through your home room by room and just looking around.  How does the room make you feel? Is there too much stuff? What objects in the room do you really not like? What objects in the room do you love? How do you feel about the color of the walls? The furniture? Really feel the room. Take notes. This exercise will help you identify what, if anything, needs to be changed in order to shift the energy and transform the room.  Many times small changes can transform your house into your home.  If your home is cluttered, some de-cluttering can make a huge difference.  Work through your home, making changes room by room. You may be amazed at how differently you feel about your home when you are done. Just one warning. Don’t feel you have to do it all at once. Baby steps. Take your time and enjoy the process. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed.

If you are a senior and have even a small decline in your health, energy or mobility,  the joy you feel in your home may be limited. Adding some awesome smart home technology can make some ordinary tasks a lot easier.  How much safer would you feel with a camera to see who is at your door? Talk to your visitor without leaving your chair. Add a smart door lock and you could let them in too. That is if you know the person and are sure the visitor is not a threat. Always check credentials. Lights, thermostat, security cameras and emergency services can all be added to your smart home system. Creating your smart home is surprisingly affordable and very easy to use. There are other small changes that will make life easier such as, rearranging cabinet so things that are used frequently are easily accessible. Increase lighting, make sure walk ways and stairs are clear and well lit. Online shopping and groceries delivered to your door eliminate the need to drive to the store and carry heavy bags into the house. Not familiar with the computer? Try your local library, college or senior center for classes on the basics. And of course there are companies and non profit groups that provide in home care services.  They provide companionship and take care of everyday chores, maintenance and transportation for doctor visits and shopping. How good will it feel to live the life you love in the home you love.

Life changes and circumstances change.  What do you do when you love your home but it just doesn’t fit anymore? You can make a list of the pros and cons of living in your current home. Then list the pros and cons of looking for a new home. Read through your lists and see what feels right to you. Where are you drawn? Trust your feelings. If there is no way you can stay in your present home do a little day dreaming. How do you picture your new home? Really see yourself in that home. Where is your new home located? Is it in the country? Are you in a city or small town? Maybe you see yourself on the beach or by the lake or in the mountains. What does the house look like? Is it a large 2 story home, a smaller ranch or cape cod? Walk through the front door and see yourself inside your home. Really let yourself dream. See as many details as possible. When you feel ready write down what you saw. This is your dream home. Now you have a starting point. Do your research, then start looking for your new home.

I truly believe your home should be your sanctuary. If you aren’t comfortable at home it can affect all areas of your life. You need a place to retreat from the outside world, recharge, relax and love life.


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