Coach to Sell- Can a coach help you sell your home?


When you decide to list your home “For Sale by Owner” hiring a coach will help! Selling your home can be a very stressful process.  There is the cleaning, the staging, the pricing, the marketing, the showing, writing the sales contract and getting the whole thing to the settlement table.  What could possibly go wrong? Right!
I have been thinking a lot lately about my purpose and passion in this life.  My purpose is to help people be happy and enjoy life. My passion is helping people create a home that is their sanctuary.  The place where they are safe, at peace and where they can be happy.  That is why the majority of my coaching offers center around creating that space.  I am continuously to asking myself, “How can I help?”  Most recently I began to think more about the process of selling and buying a home.   I already combine my coach skills with my real estate knowledge to help buyers and investors.  I decided I needed to expand on that and help homeowners who offer their homes “For Sale By Owner”‘.
As a realtor my focus is on serving the client. Not all home owners are comfortable handing the sale of their home over to a real estate agent. Sometimes there is not enough equity in the home to pay the commission to the realtor.  Whatever the reason, I respect a homeowners decision to sell on their own. I feel I can offer value and serve these home owners by offering them my coaching and consulting services.  Many times home owners selling their home by themselves have questions, struggles and doubt.  Having a realtor/coach/consultant to work with you would be great, wouldn’t it! When you call on the typical realtor they are hoping to change your mind about selling your home by yourself.  They will tell you it’s not a good idea. They say they can get you a higher sale price. They tell you they have connections you don’t have. There is even the scary thought that you may mess something up legally in the sales process. These points may all be true, however, if you are set on selling on your own, you have the right to do so.  I would be honored to work with you as you market and sell your home.
The Coach to Sell Program Offers 
A market analysis of your property
Suggestions that may improve marketability
Weekly Check in Calls for support as you market your home
Unlimited e-mail/text support and questions

I will even write the sales contract for you

The investment for my Coach to Sell Program is $1,200
This coaching/consulting fee is paid when the property settles!

PS…This blog may be a bit sales y …..but I was feeling the need to get the word out!  Because I am sooo excited about helping Homeowners!

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