Buying a Home…..The American Dream. What does that dream look like for you?

See it, feel it and believe is will happen

The American Dream used to be to get a good job, buy a house and raise your family in that house. Is home ownership still the dream? Is this your dream?

The answer to that question leads to so many more questions. But what I would like you to think about here is your dream home. Not whether you are buying, renting or living on someone’s coach. What does your dream home look like. I believe this is the starting point into whether Your American Dream is home ownership. How big or small is your dream home? Is it a whole house, an apartment, a condo, a room in a house you share with others? What is your favorite place in your home? What does the kitchen look like? How many bedrooms do you have? How about the bathroom? Is there a garage? I encourage everyone to take a little time to think about the place they would absolutely LOVE to live! Go into detail. Think about the color of the walls, furniture, fireplace, flooring….as much as you can possibly dream of in your home. What will you do in your home. How do you feel living in this beautiful home of yours? Are you make full use of your super cool new kitchen? Do you have a deck or patio? Is the yard a place you love to go to relax? Are there lots of flowers or a vegetable garden? Dream big here! Make it yours.

The reason I encourage everyone to dream about the place they call home is because it makes it a real place. It let’s you feel what it’s like to live in your home. It helps you figure out what you really would love to have in your home. And most importantly, do you feel inspired to be a homeowner. Or can your dream home be a rental? This exersice in dreaming is about figuring it out. Are you motivated to make a plan to see your dream come true. I told you to dream big so I understand your dream home may be out of reach right now, but doesn’t it feel good to dream?

So back to reality. Now that you have had some fun and created a clear and awesome vision of your dream home, let’s slide into step 2 of this little exercise. You may be thinking….I can’t afford that home! Or maybe you can! Think about what it would take for you to actually live in that dream home (or a slightly scaled down version of that home). You have to consider your finances, lifestyle and career, the economy and all the stuff that you are looking forward to in life. So many things to think about. Does it make sense to you to rent or buy your home? Could you buy a starter home and work your way up to that dream home? Is home ownership really your American Dream?

So many people dream about owning a home. They count it out because of the cost, the responibility, the mortgage approval process,etc., etc. Remember, in this world, nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible. If you feel drawn to the “American Dream”, figure out how you can make it happen. Take the steps necessary to improve your financial picture. Save the money you need for the down payment and closing costs. If home ownership is really important to you, you can make a plan and start working towards that goal. Pack your patience and get started now.

I hope you enjoyed daydreaming about the place you would like to call home. Maybe this little exercise has motivated you to start thinking about home ownership. Maybe you have a home and would like to upgrade. Maybe the place you call home just needs a little tweeking to make it your dream home. My goal was to let you dream and explore your “American Dream”.

I know as a Realtor I should encourage everyone to buy a home. However, I understand that home ownership isn’t for everyone. In my opinion the ownership of the physical property isn’t as important as the feeling and enjoyment you get from the place you call home. Home is a very important part of a person’s lifestyle. It’s an important part of your well being. It doesn’t matter whether you own it, rent it or share it. What matters is having a place to call home and a space you can relax and recharge and enjoy life.

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