Why Hire a Real Estate Coach/Consultant?

Your Real Estate purchase may be the biggest investment you make in your lifetime.  Don’t you want to get it right?

There are many things to think about when you decide you want to purchase, sell, invest or upgrade your home.  That is why a real estate coach/consultant is well worth the investment.  A coach/consultant will listen to your ideas and concerns, evaluate your current situation, advise on market conditions and values, help you form a plan and guide you through the process that you determine is best.  Without this highly individualized service, you may not get the outcome that is best suited for you.

There are certain situations that are ideal for real estate coach/consulting.  My top recommendations are senior housing downsizing/planning, first time homebuyers, foreclosure or pre-foreclosure situations, probate/executor listings and investors.

Senior downsizing and planning for future housing needs requires an in-depth look at your present needs and anticipated future needs.  Some considerations include finances, mobility, location, amenities, safety and functional utility of the home.  Only you can decide what is best for your needs.  As a coach/consultant and senior real estate specialist, I am trained to work with seniors or pre-seniors, as I like to think of them.  I am familiar with the various housing options in the market today.  I work with my clients to explore these housing options, determine their benefits and drawbacks and determine which home is best for them.

I also provide a senior property maintenance program for senior homeowners.  Many times the ongoing maintenance of your home, as you age in place, can be overwhelming.  Especially when there is no family close by to help. My goal is to help senior, who prefer the warmth and privacy of their current home, to stay there as long as possible.  The two most important things in a home are safety and the way you feel in your home.   I love helping clients find and maintain their Happy Home.

The coach/consultant benefits to first time homebuyers are the one on one exploration, identifying personal preferences and planning for what you really want in your home and home buying process.  Get expert guidance as you embark on your first home buying experience.

If you are in the unfortunate position of foreclosure, you may still find a solution that the bank did not fully explain.  I have experience with this process and together we will determine what course of action makes sense.

I would like to explain a bit more in regard to the probate/executor situation.  Perhaps you have been named executor and there is a home included in the estate.  Your duty, in regard to the property, is to do what is best for the estate,  How do you determine “what is best”?  By working with an experienced real estate agent who is also an appraiser and coach/consultant of course!  In this capacity I work with my clients to determine whether “As Is'” is the best way to sell the home.  Typically you are advised to get the home sold ASAP.  That is sound advise as holding time does enter into the equation.  However, you may want to consider the “As Repaired Value” also.  Another aspect of a probate property where I be of service to executors is with the personal property in the home.  The clean out process can be challenging depending on home much and what kind of stuff is in the home.  As a coach/consultant I work with clients to determine what they feel is important and let go of what is not.  This includes how best to let these things go, whether it be auction, donation, trash or some other course of action.  Being executor isn’t always the easiest job, however, you have the power to determine what is best for the “Estate”.

I am a real estate broker and owner of Kissinger Realty Group, Inc.  In addition I am a certified residential appraiser, senior real estate specialist, certified probate real estate specialist and a Certified Professional Coach.  I am uniquely qualified to help you determine what outcome you desire for your real estate situation and work with you to devise and  implement your plan.  My coaching/consulting services are not contingent on you working with me as your real estate agent.  While I would love to serve in that capacity, I realize many people have agents that they know and trust.  My goal is simply to provide a more detailed, client specific, planning and implementation service which is not part of the typical realtor/client transaction.

Contact me for a free 1 Hour Consultation to see if Real Estate Coaching/Consulting is for you!

Kathy Kissinger

Kissinger Realty Group,Inc.  – 610-327-4626 – kkissinger247@gmail.comhttp://www.kissre.com


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