Aging in Place: What do you do when small repairs are needed? Is your real estate investment being protected?

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I am a huge supporter of seniors aging in place. I believe, as long as there is no health or safety concern, we should honor a person’s desire to stay in their own home. The objective should be to keep our seniors happy, safe and engaged in life. Many times to achieve the goal of aging in place safely and comfortably, the family must provide help and support to the aging family member. There are so many agencies available today to do the household chores and provide companionship. There are very few service providers to that take care of the real estate. Who makes sure the systems are running properly, there are no leaky faucets, the heating system is working properly and is being maintained, the yard work is done and repairs are being completed when necessary. In other words, Who is taking care of the house!

Many times seniors neglect repairs because they don’t know who to call and they are worried about the cost or being taken advantage of by a contractor. These are valid concerns. If there is no family close by to call on, taking care of the house could be a challenge for seniors. Doing even the small tasks like changing light bulbs, filters on the heating system and moving a piece of furniture can be difficult for a senior homeowner.

As a real estate professional and senior home aid/companion, I feel the best way I could be of service to senior homeowners is to provide a sort of property management service for seniors. How awesome would it be to have a trusted real estate professional, familiar with property maintenance, stop by on a monthly basis to make sure your home/real estate investment is being properly maintained. During monthly visits the small repairs could be completed along with a bit of a wellness check in. How about a single phone call when maintenance or repairs are needed? As a real estate broker, I am able to make contacts, get estimates from reliable contractors, help review the estimates and supervise the work along with the homeowner.

I realize this blog is a bit of a business promotion, however, I really feel strongly about this service for senior homeowners. The best way I know to get the work out….is to use my word/blog platform.

Let me know what you think of this service. If you have any suggestions about ways to improve the life of a senior homeowner…let me know!

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